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This is code word used when playing texas holdem' poker. Pocket pervs relates to a starting hand of two kings, hence pocket pervs.
If i can hit a king on the river my pocket pervs will become three of a kind.
Shit pocket pervs!!
by North Weezy June 02, 2006
Can be used instead of the word blick. Meaning a person who is very dark.
Man that guy Eboue who plays for Arsenal is a blicko.
Oh my god get out of the way blicko.
by North Weezy June 03, 2006
(Pronounced essay) This a code used when a person see's a large group of sluts. S.A stands for Slut Alert. This can be a highly successful way of slaging off people in an area densely populated by sluts.
Yo look busy S.A straight ahead.
Man that girl is sexulated but she is hanging around with too many S.A's.
Burlud there aren't enough S.A's in North Weezy
by North Weezy June 02, 2006
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