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A piercing on the third finger of the left hand to hold a diamond that shows that a girl is committed to a boyfriend.
That's not a ring she's wearing. It's a promise piercing. That's a rock stuck in her finger like a nose stud. I wish a girl could show that kind of commitment to me. I'm lucky if I don't get stood up for tacos at Tacky's.
by North Central Johnny June 26, 2009
A pawn shop.
My account is at the poor man's bank on 1st Street, the pawn shop that has my trumpet and drum kit in the display window.
by North Central Johnny July 18, 2009
An abandoned car that may provide shelter from bullets during a gunfight or shooting.
When the Magicians and the Knowers took out their zip guns we jumped into a Brooklyn foxhole, an abandoned '41 Chevy in this case.
by North Central Johnny June 17, 2009
A form of bowling that requires the player to swing a ball suspended from a cord at bowling pins instead of rolling it on the floor of a lane.
The gangster's moll asked me to play a game of aerial bowling at that new Catskills joint and beat me 68 to 64. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. But I had to let her beat me of course. He wasn't there, but he had plenty of eyes present nonetheless.
by North Central Johnny July 02, 2009
A stain from spilled Italian food on one's clothing.
Don't insult him by saying that Italian war medal must be Ragu. The meal was personally made for him by Giada.
by North Central Johnny October 08, 2009
People with no Irish ancestry who celebrate on St. Patrick's Day as if they are Irish.
What's my ethnicity? Since it's March 17 I'll have to say I'm Irish for a day. Ask me tomorrow though and I'll say Danish and Venezuelan for life.
by North Central Johnny June 26, 2009

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