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Items of some value in a massively multiplayer online game.
Well Walter, I'll have you know that I discovered several phat lewtz last night.
by Nord March 23, 2004
Long, tubular turd.
I crunched out one hell of an ass log last night!
by Nord March 23, 2004
Synonym of masturbate
I've been wacksturbating like a fucking amish boy!
by Nord March 23, 2004
A person who walks in such a stupid or ridiculous manner, that when you see them you are compelled to yell "Fuckwalk!" at them.
Did you see that fuckwalk back there?
Yeah, it's too bad I ran out of ammunition.
by Nord March 23, 2004
An awkward girl that goes into a laughing rampage when a nervous
Stephanie began to laugh hysterically when she started making out with collin.
by nord April 13, 2015

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