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The backbone of the marching band. They are often talented, but their talent is often wasted on their cockiness, arrogance, and loud behavior. A drumline mainly consists of attractive males, all of whom act bisexual at least ninety percent of the time. Contrary to popular belief, the drumline CAN read music. However, they usually act so unbelievably idiotic that no one could believe it. The drumline consists of four parts: The snares (arrogant douche bags), the cymbals (weird and unappreciated), the bass drums (constantly running into each other) and the tenors (cooler and calmer than the rest of the section and usually the best drummers). They are ungodly loyal to their instructors. Many seem unaware that they are still part of their marching band family and often form their own private clique.
The drumline was very talented, but they seemed unaware that their loud presence was interrupting the marching band's rehearsal.
by Noraneko May 14, 2010
The most unappreciated section of any marching or concert band. Consisting of the tubas, baritone/euphoniums, trombones, and the baritone saxophones, the low winds are usually responsible for the sweet bass line, and, if the director choosing the music is benevolent enough, the melody. They are usually overshadowed by the higher winds, most notably the trumpets, who often have little respect for the low winds even though the low winds's instruments are usually twice as heavy as theirs and take twice the air. They are often mocked for having easier parts, although it is usually compensated by the heaviness of the instrument. The low winds are usually lazier than the other sections, as their parts are very easy and little practice is needed. Females in the low winds section are uncommon, but they are often much tougher than the flutes or clarinets and are far mellower than their more feminine counterparts, and are envied for being one of the few females in a predominantly male section. That being said, attractive male members of low winds sections are usually difficult to come by, as they tend to be either heavy or unusually sweaty.
The low winds's sheet music for the show was mainly comprised of whole notes and half notes, so they were able to end the sectional early.
by Noraneko May 14, 2010
A club dedicated to answering meaningless questions whose answers you'll probably never have to know for the rest of your life. Seriously, that's the whole game. Most of the answers will be known if you pay attention AT ALL in ANY of your classes. Michiganders are arguably the best at Quiz Bowl. Most Quiz Bowl practices (because a sport of this magnitude requires afterschool practices) are usually all of the team members sitting around cracking stupid jokes and answering the questions with whatever comes to their heads. However, Quiz Bowl is very worthwhile because you can miss a whole day for a match. Most students call Quiz Bowlers "nerds" or "geeks." However, you don't have to be smart at all to join Quiz Bowl, you just have to know random information. Unfortunately, being on the Quiz Bowl team is NOT a bragging right at all, since you will undoubtedly be mocked if you ever let it slip that you're part of it.
The Quiz Bowl team made it to states undefeated. However, their high school was too busy paying attention to the losing basketball team to acknowledge this achievement.
by Noraneko July 10, 2010

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