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This term refers to a former spouse in which the person speaking declares that they still have a sexual relationship after the divorce. THis is a spin-off from friends with benefits.
Jack and I had a naughty weekend. He's my ex with benefits.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy February 06, 2010
A Boston marriage is a polite term to describe two women living in a household and sharing expenses, whether in a Platonic or lesbian relationship.
Molly and Bridgit were in a Boston marriage and co-owned a brownstone.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy November 07, 2007
A tag game played by midwestern rednecks in which the participants, usually quite drunk, run, hop, or stagger after a running girl player who is wearing a halter or bikini top. The winner is the player who catches her and successfully strips her of her top. This may be followed by chugging a beer, fondling the bunny, or both.
On Saturday night, everyone got drunk and played skin the bunny. Sharon enjoyed being the bunny.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy May 26, 2006
This is envy of redheads or guys with redheaded girlfriends; based on their allure and reputation for strong sexual desire.
Seamus and Molly were the envy of all his mates because of Molly's bright red hair and her unbridled sexual intrepidness. You might say that he was the target of ginger envy.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy October 31, 2007
This refers to men having a preference for blondes, as well as the supposed increased sales of magazines that feature a blonde on the cover. Named after Anita Loos, author and screenwriter, who wrote "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."
We'll put a well-endowed blonde on the cover of next month's magazine and take advantage of the Anita Loos effect.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy November 07, 2007
The female act of touching herself furtively in the privates while fully clothed; so-called because of the reputation Bostonians have for sexual inhibitions and hypocrisy.
It was a long and boring guy flick, so I entertained myself by Boston jilling during it. I don't think my guy was the wiser, as he was too intent on the action.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy October 31, 2007
Very large endowment of the chest.
Here's to breast augmentation surgery, and the full balcony that I got from it!
by Nora O'Shaughnessy September 12, 2005

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