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2 definitions by Noom

Pronouced either as fpoc, or effpoc

Imported term from Austria, meaning Fucking Piece of Cunt
Willy: Shut up you FPOC
by Noom November 03, 2005
Abbreviation for hard nipples, but refering to the Texas HOold'em hand Queen-Ace suited. One of the most powerful hands in the game. When one receives hard nipps, they habitually will rub their nipples.
Queen-Ace of diamonds is known as glass-cutting nipps.
Queen-Ace unsuited is just known as nipps.
Greg has King-Ace
Kyle has Hard Nipps
They both hit triple aces off the flop.
Both go all-in
Kyle hits queen on river, and wins.
Greg: "Fucking Hard Nipps"
by Noom November 11, 2005