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A grotesque ad of a computer animated (presumably female) elf that appears at the top/side/bottom of all internet webpages.

An order to view this ad, or one if its many variations, you must visit any random url.
Ugh! These Evony ads collectively waste so much bandwidth, I've probably spent at least fifty dollars on them alone!
by Noogahoogah October 03, 2009
He was God in a human form. He came to earth to recieve the punishment that everybody else deserved. He did so, and anybody who recieves the sacrifice is a Christian.

Many non-Christians hate him because he asks for some submission in return.
Guy:Do you know Jesus?
Guy2:I know of Jesus
Guy:What do you think of Jesus?
Guy2:He was an idiot
Guy2:Because he asks for obedience, just because he died on some tree.
by Noogahoogah October 03, 2009
Basically an all purpose term for anything ranging from mildly humerous, to raging hysterical.

The term used to be strictly an acronym for Laughing Out Loud, but it now means "I think that's funny" ALthough it used to be strictly confined to the internet, it has evolved into a word pronounced "lawl" and is sometimes spelled so.

Lol has gained many variations

I.E Lol, lul, lulz, loled, lawl, lolz, lols, luls, Lawlz, Lawlz etc.

It is only twenty years away from being in Merriam Websters dictionary
Christoper2022:33 P.M Yesterday, i Opened can of soup and drank it cuz I was to lazy to cook it

OrlndoBloomfan2:33 P.M Lol!
by Noogahoogah October 03, 2009

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