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1. She/Him - A homosexual male/female parading around, mascarading as the opposite sex.
1. That trick was hot, so I started feeling her up. Then I noticed she had a buldge in here crotch. OMG! it was a SHIM.
by Noodlz March 05, 2003
1. To create, or leave, a small line or blotch of fecal matter in one's under garment.
2. The act of, or participating in, the shedding of clothes by a homosexuals dressed in clothing of the opposite sex. These people are known as dragqueens/kings.
1. I went to eat out my girlfriend, and noticed she had a DRAGSTRIP on her panties.
2. A beautiful woman got up on the bar and proceeded to strip. It was good, until we noticed it was a SHIM, from that day forward it was called a DRAGSTRIP.
by Noodlz March 05, 2003
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