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It's kinda like Freezing, but a northeren saying
Holy fucksticks, its frezzing up here.

I'm frezzing my tit's off.
by Noodlesticks McGrew October 29, 2013
To pull out one's willy and slap it across the face of a woman, or man....

The ultimate insult to an already bad first date.
This bitch just moaned all night, the food wasn't warm, the drink was stale, the taxi was expensive, all in all I decided to Willy Slap the bitch!
by Noodlesticks McGrew January 06, 2014
A Wonka Fart comes from a combination of smell from all the food you just consumed that day, like a Wonka Meal, but far more disgusting.
Dude, you frigging stink, did you just drop a Wonka Fart?
by Noodlesticks McGrew December 25, 2013
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