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2 definitions by Noodles'r'us

a Zarnia is a very silly and attractive young lady. she is usually found in her room doing things like chatting away. they take insults very well and are extremely fun to talk to. they tend to ask who one likes which gets annoying at times
"Damn yo, look at that Zarnia over there. wish i knew her ayy"
by Noodles'r'us October 24, 2013
15 0
A Lucyy is an amazing person at heart and in general. They are very talented in many ways but fail to see it. They are usually very attractive and quite tall. They have minimal flaws and are always up for a chat. One thing they are very good at is making your day go from average, to awesome. They tend to think that they love minions more which is not true so beware. They are usually found watching movies and chatting away in their room. A Lucyy also makes an amazing sister above all
"Man, I wish i knew a lucyy. My life would be soo much better ayy"
by Noodles'r'us October 24, 2013
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