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Oundle is a small market town in Northamptonshire, about twenty minutes from Peterborough (aka shitehole) and 30 minutes from Kettering (aka bigger shitehole). Oundle has a few pubs and a large population of OAPs. (Regular oldies include a woman with an enormous stomach and a geriatric old lady who always sports a mini skirt.) Oundle is home to the well known boarding school Oundle School.

(pronounced Ow-ndle)

Oundle is dull as a pile of pig shite, but at least we don't live in Corby.

Person 1: I live in Oundle
Person 2: Arundel? Oh yes I've been there.
person 1: No, OUNDLE you moron.
by Noodle crew massive October 09, 2007
A co-ed boarding school in small market town Oundle, in Northamptonshire. It is known for its high academic standards. It also has a very Sloaney reputation.
oundle school pupil: Daddy bought me a pony but it wasn't thorough-bred so I traded it in for this Cartier watch.
by Noodle crew massive October 09, 2007
An ugly female. Combination of derogatory terms munter and dog. Can be used to describe appearance or personality.
That bitch is such a muntdog, she's like Courtney Love's twin sister.
by Noodle crew massive October 09, 2007

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