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A rather creepy sounding but immensely cool instrumental song by Canadian rock band Rush from their 1981 album, Moving Pictures.
YYZ is damn hard to play on all instruments.
by NoobMuncher3000 October 20, 2006
Some boring ass shit. Seriously.
Dude #1: Hey Dude #2, aren't politics fun and interesting?

Dude #2: No.

Ron Simmons: .....DAMN!!
by Noobmuncher3000 May 16, 2007
Opening up potential for massive flooding in message boards, primarily due to new info being revealed for unreleased games.
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl official website opens lot of floodgates on related message boards, due to its daily updates.
by NoobMuncher3000 July 02, 2007
A great place to smooch/cuddle with your girlfrind.
Dude 1: Hey Dude 2, Katie and I are going to the movies so we can cuddle. Hopefully not a lot of people will be there.

Dude 2: Ugh, get a room.
by NoobMuncher3000 April 27, 2007
An AWESOME Bouncing Souls album. Contains the catchiest song ever, Ole!.
Dude 1: Hey Dude 2, I just got Hopeless Romantic!
Dude 2: All right! Rock on man!
by NoobMuncher3000 April 11, 2007
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