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One step beyond getting owned, or pwned (Super Owned by my definition). C4PwND expands on both of it's predecessors in adding the CA in front; or in 1337 (LEET) terms C4 making the word Capowned. Capowned roots back to the one of the badder mother fuckers in America known as Al Capone. Thus when a person is served or extremely owned they are C4PwND. Another added benefit to this word is that more often than owned or pwned it doesn't require a sentence to be used correctly.
-Destroying 30 armies of your enemies and only losing 4 in Risk: World Domination for PS2; just a simple, "C4PwND" is all that's neccessary to not only bury your opposition's forces, but also the players pride.

-Launching a rocket in Goldeneye: 007 for N64 and watching it fly toward an opponent's head then come to a halt as it makes impact with their face.... "C4PwND!!!!"
by NooKa September 13, 2004
Using a Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle on Halo 2. First the Plasma Pistol shoots a charged shot to completely remove an overshield, then a quick burst to the head with the Battle Rifle to finish your opponent. The Covenant Carbine can also be used as a substitute for the Battle Rifle.
"Watch yourself, that newb is using the combo."
by NooKa July 07, 2005

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