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Some one who is so overly obsessed with Harry Potter they refer to it as "the drug". Symptoms of a Potter Head include:
- Crazy wild look in the eye
- Lightning bolt some where on the body and/or round spectacles.
- Whenever the word "book" is mentioned said potter head turns around immeadiately and starts twitching
- Talks really loud and fast whenever having a conversation about HP
- Talks really fast and loud all the time because they are always talking about HP
- Screams and tries to hold your hand if your name is Harry, sur-name is Potter, or your initials are HP or HJP.
-Finds other Potter Heads to wack you with baseball bat if mentioned that you do not care for their master.
Sanjaya: Yeah, Harry Potter just isn't my thing.

Then out swarm thousands of Potter Heads, all carrying heavy and/or spiky objects.
by Nonyo Binness September 30, 2007
The pronunciation of Minnesota with a minnesotan accent
O, shoor esss colt tooday eh? Alweys cold enn Mini Soda.
by Nonyo Binness November 26, 2007
is a word that isn't as raunchy as it sounds. It means an Italian peasant girl, but will probably never again come up in civilized conversation unless you are in the opperetta, The Gondoleirs.

Pronounced: con tuh deen ay
Gondoliers: Signorine io tammo!
Contadine: Contadine Siamo :(
by nonyo Binness March 11, 2008

What you call a person in high school or Jr high who is the best in a theater group, but gets cast in terrible roles because of an obvious dislike from the director.
Sanjaya: So Flotus, I heard about you being the chorus in the high school musical. I sorry, dude.

Flotus: DOnt worry. Every one knows that I'm the theater tree so I don't mind much.
by Nonyo Binness May 17, 2007
slightly swell. Not absolutely swell, but only a little bit
How was the concert Jonah?

Well, The Jonas Brothers have a few songs that I like, so it was swellish enough for me.
by Nonyo Binness February 28, 2008
IM speak for a cat noise; what to say when you are angry about something.
Flotus: Hey, my computer is slow, could you write that email again?
Hernando: It took me 30 minutes, mra!
by Nonyo Binness September 27, 2007
some one who does not like to swear in public.
Man, that chick is so lame, what kind of college junior is a darkroom curser?
by Nonyo Binness November 02, 2007

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