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A name a cook gives to a meal they throw together at the last minute and the answer they give to everyone who asks the question "What's for Dinner"?
I wonder what Mom is cooking for dinner tonight? I sure hope it's not Catshit on Toast again.
by NonnaK February 24, 2011
A phrase screen printed on a t-shirt that a divorced woman wears in February if she was dumb enough to get married on Valentine's Day.
I was married in Las Vegas on February 14th and now that I am divorced, which ruined that holiday; I wear my favorite t-shirt that says, I'm So Over Valentine's Day.
by NonnaK February 13, 2011
The name a wife uses when referring to her husband during the period of separation and before they actually get divorced.
I can't believe it? Our divorce isn't even final yet and my Future Ex-Husband is already engaged to marry someone else.
by NonnaK April 11, 2011
How a NASCAR fan feels on Monday morning after watching their favorite driver Kyle Busch win 2 out of 3 NASCAR races in one weekend.
I'm Busched from watching Kyle Busch race in an attempt to sweep Phoenix by winning all 3 races.
by NonnaK March 01, 2011
The name given to a large blemish located right below the bottom lip that pops up suddenly after using a cell phone.
I can’t go to the high school dance looking like this. I am pretty sure that this is the biggest cell phone zit I have ever had.
by NonnaK March 01, 2011
Obsessed with one’s own self image and ego and with one's own fish that was caught during an outing with friends.
Ole Hector is definitely a narcissifishdic. He has at least a dozen or more 8 x 10 glossy photos hanging up in his apartment of himself and the fish he has caught.
by NonnaK May 30, 2011

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