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1 definition by None yo biznass

The world's most popular sport, enough said. Though, it has to be said that it requires more mental processes than any other sport, mainly because play doesn't stop every 5 seconds like American football. Also, the players aren't covered head-to-toe in pads, they have to play both offense and defense and don't leave the field every 2 minutes, and above all, they actually use their feet to play (I know, weird concept to grasp). Baseball, boring unless the ball is hit and even then the play only lasts 10 seconds. Basketball continues the play more so than others but still stops every 30 seconds or so.

Simply put, soccer is the most dynamic sport on the planet and it is true what people say about that it is played in every country. The soccer legend Pele juggled oranges when he was a little boy growing up in Brazil, furthermore, you don't even need other people to play the game. It always has been and always will be the greatest, worldly accepted sport.
Soccer player: I am a boss
American Football player: I guess I'm alright
Baseball Player: Whew, my gut is bigger than i thought.
by None yo biznass January 09, 2011