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1 definition by None of your DAMN business!!

Nascar is an awesome bad-ass sport that aint just for rednecks. all you city slickers out there need get this through yalls thick heads: Nascar takes a TON of talent and is a very exciting sport if you actually try to like it and if you have a favorite driver to cheer on. so just shut the hell up bout Nascar. and not all rednecks are just inbred pieces of shit like yall think.
Redneck 1: Did you watch the Nascar race last night?

Redneck 2: HELL YES!!! best race of the year cause Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Kevin Harvick all wrecked!! plus Jr. won it!!

Redneck 1: yupp mighty darn good race but i drank my last case of Budwieser...

Redneck 2: that sucks...
by None of your DAMN business!! September 02, 2010