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in "the language" chod is a shortened version of dick or chode. a short fattened penis
suck a chod!
by none October 13, 2003
F.a.t. (figure out wat it stands for!)
fuckin loser
who no one likes
a total mother ****** !
burn in hell!!
Dude 1: She's a ...
Dudel 2: Damn rite! That fuckin whore bitch is gonna burn in hell!
Dude 1: Hell ya! LMFAO!!!
Dude 3: Holla!
by none February 10, 2005
old whimpy war cry, still in use cause it's easy to whine and/or scream

Sir Thomas, one who does community service, but only enough to get a blue badge; worth his weight in toilet paper; can make lan cables appear out of thin air.
when he crashed the school server, everyone screamed out Teeeeeeeeeeeeeep's name when they passed him in the halls.
by none January 22, 2005
the vocabulay that your brother uses
your bro has a weird brocabulary
by none December 02, 2003
P.R.A.G/Punk's Really A Girl. Definition of one who is made a bitch in prison.
by none August 12, 2003
White American Saxon Princess
The WASP went to the country club everyday and only wore Ralph Lauren.
by None November 04, 2003
one of the best fuckin bands ever!
dude, did you get your garmonbozia LP?
by none April 25, 2005

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