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Named the "first suburb of the United States" by numerous High School history textbooks, Levittown NY was founded by a racist anti-semite whose claim to fame was building the same house thousands of times for World War II vets.

Currently, Levittown is home to the white trash of the otherwise affluent Nassau County. The residents are generally overweight, caucasion, and in possesion of nothing more then an Associates degree from Nassau Community College.

The youth of Levittown can be seperated into two catagories; Lifers and Non-Lifers. The latter catagory has one goal; get the fuck out. They are generally the ones who constantly struggled against the urge to bring a Glock 31 to their high school (Mac Arthur, Division or Island Trees). NLers leave for college and never look back.

Lifers, on the other hand, are the ones who's existance had peaked during their stay at one of the three respective high schools. They've had the same friends since 1st grade and have no interest in making new ones. They spend their weekends in a sump drinking watered down beer and smoking shwag weed. Upon graduation Lifers have tremendous difficulty transitioning into real life. Some might attempt a stay at an away Uni, but always end up transferring back to Hofstra or NCC because they lack the social skills to make new friends. Will spend the rest of their life with the same people, in the same town, working a mediocre job knowing little more then the hole they've lived in their entire life.
Non Lifer: I've travelled the world, have met thousands of interesting and diverse people, have a terminal degree from a university that isn't Hofstra, make six figures, and have no absolutely no desire to return to Levittown.
Lifer: I went to NCC, drink shitty beer with other trash and can't locate Europe on a map.

by Non Lifer May 21, 2008

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