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A country/pop singer, best known for her cover of the song "Angel of the Morning".
Dude 1: Who was that chick who sang "Angel of the Morning", anyway?
Dude 2: You're probably thinking of Juice Newton.
by Nomen Nescio May 18, 2007
Of or pertaining to Hillary Clinton and amusing in the extreme.
His plan for universal health care was Hillariously unworkable.

"Sure, deck your limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance,
Hillarious when retreating."
--Ogden Nash, with some modification
by Nomen Nescio February 20, 2008
The technical equivalent of a boatload, also known as a heck of a lot. A polite euphemism for a similar but more profane expression.
"Are you going bowling with the guys?"
"Dude, I wish: my English teacher gave us a shipload of reading to do over the weekend."
"So are you going bowling then?"
by Nomen Nescio February 22, 2008
Emplode is not a word. The opposite of implode is explode.
I hope you've never used the word "emplode" in a conversation, matticas.
by Nomen Nescio January 27, 2008
Exhibiting or characteristic of the sort of exaggeration or outright lying that has become commonplace in recommending someone for a position.
Boss 1: Remember Jason, that former employee of yours whom I hired based on your glowing recommendation?
Boss 2 (nervously): Hmm, I have a faint recollection...
Boss 1: I'll bet you do! You told me he was an excellent worker--never left his seat for a moment!
Boss 2: Mmm. Yes, I may have said something of the sort...
Boss 1: But you didn't tell me that his seat was located in the coffee room!
Boss 2: I must admit to being slightly recommendacious.
by Nomen Nescio April 30, 2008
Audible Chuckle, an alternative to LOL that never quite caught on.
Chatroom conversation:

Guy 1:...and im like, don't look now but its all over ur shirt
Guy 2: AC
Guy 1: WTH is AC??!!
Guy 2: It means *audible chuckle*. You know, like I'm laughing.
Guy 1: y the hell don't u just say LOL like a normal person???!!11
by Nomen Nescio May 18, 2007

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