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1 definition by Nolliemarie

Appearance:Fried hair from straightening&dying;wear oversized hoop earrings,too much bronzer&oily eyeliner,glittery lip plumper;have shirts so tight you can see the outline of their belly button rings;wear pushup bras 1 size too big with so much padding they feel like tennis balls;wear tight Hollister t-shirts or "waffle" material henleys that always show cleavage;they always sport jeans that are light faded wash&so tight you can see the outline of their g-strings;wear light colored Sperrys;wear perfume that is sickeningly sweet(example-Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Icing)
Characteristics:Always surrounded by others of its kind,waffles calls their friends "bitch","betch","slut","ho","whore","skank" as terms of love;use the acronyms O.M.G.,G.T.F.O.,W.T.F.,S.T.F.U.,etc.;draw pictures with magic markers in huge bubble letters for their "bitches";never educated on fashion,music,world events,or culture(a waffle wouldn't know Christian Louboutin from Marc Jacobs);they like pop music&pretending they are badass for listening to it;they edit their pictures with hearts or mainstream song lyrics or "i luv my bf 4eva";waffles have phone covers that say things like "princess";Myspace profiles covered in neon&their about me's say"I HATE drama";they secretely all want to be Pussycat Dolls;they either date many boys for short periods of time or date one boy long term but may cheat on him or be cruel to him;they are always mean to other girls&thrive on non-physical fights;they also cry&whine
Guy:Oh man I was messing with this girl and her hoop earrings kept getting stuck in her frizzy hair and her glittery bronzer got all over my face and I want to throw up from her Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Icing perfume.

Other Guy:Dude,that's what happens when you get with waffles....
by Nolliemarie February 04, 2010