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1 definition by Noleta

Extreme fans of the best manga ever, Naruto. There are requirements to be a narutard. Here are the guidelines:

1. You can't say you're a Narutard if you only watch the english dubbed Naruto.
2. You must write Naruto fan Fictions.
3. You must have a crush on at least 3 of the Naruto characters.
4. Your dreams must consist soley of Naruto.
5. You must never turn your back on Naruto. if you do you'll face the concequences.
6. Never say "believe it!" it's a stupid thing that the english dubbed version of Naruto made Naruto say. Instead say "Dattebayo"
7. You must always be up to date with Naruto.
8. Atleast once dress up like a ninja.
9. Try to learn japanese so that you can fufill your dream of being able to voice a character on naruto.
10. Have a ninja headband.

If you follow those simple steps then you too can be a narutard.
Me: I absolutely love Naruto, Gaara, Lee, Shikamaru and Iruka!

roomate: Calm down...

Me: Want to read my new Naruto Fanfiction?

roomate: no....

Me: Nande?

roomate: Wha?

Me: It's japanese for why!

roomate: What are you gonna do next? say Believe It?

Me: Don't even kid I would never say anything so dorky, dattebayo.

roomate: Why'd I have to be put in the room with the Naruto fan girl.

Me: I'm not just a fan girl! I'm a narutard and I'm proud!
by Noleta January 07, 2008