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\beeyow, byow\ n (plural form add)-en (Present (=P)ese, related to coupiown)
the expression of the interjection with the same name

\beeyow, byow\ vb
to express the interjection with the same name

\beew\ interjection
an expression of joy or utter randomness, pronounced in a quick, high pitched siren that is used to startle people and start conversations
The boy made a beow that rang through the country, freeing the slaves and destroying the evil empire of coupiown doom.

Right before they sentenced him to his execution, the little boy gathered his strength and beowed very loudly.

"BEOW!!!!!" said the little boy, and everybody lived happily ever after. The End. =D =P
by Nolen J. Heju April 24, 2008

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