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A blatant ripoff of the New Orleans Saints "Whodat" phrase coined in the late 80's. You can ask Aaron Neville and the Tomcats who sung the song. Seriously. Its on youtube.

It is a term the Cincinnati fans use because they are too stupid to come up with something original. It doesn't even sound attractive. Ironically, this lame, pathetic, and just downright repulsive chant is perfect for the lame, pathetic, and downright repulsive excuse for an NFL franchise and their lame, pathetic, and downright repulsive fans.
Bengals fan "We're number one, yaaaay" "who dey think gonna beat dem bengals" "nobody yaaaaay"

two whodats "He's delusional, should we tell him anything?" "Nah, hes just a bengals fan"
by Nolaman87 November 06, 2010

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