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When a dude gets picked up at a club by a fat girl after he's had too many drinks; not unlike a seal gets eaten by an Orca in the wild.
"Um, where's Tony?"
"He's makin' out with some obese girl in the corner."
"Ugh, he's getting killer whaled?"
by Noir March 11, 2009
In forums, you can't use curse words, so some people say Gently Caress in the place of "fuck". i.e. we gently caressed all night. Therefore, a Novelty Gently Caress is a Novelty Fuck. When someone has sex with someone they normally wouldn't because that person offers something different, a novelty, such as having sex with an obese person, a paraplegic, or someone of different race (or maybe even gender).
I heard Sue and Ginger hooked up. Sue says it was a novelty gently caress, though.
by Noir July 25, 2009
When something has been chewed to the point where it loses color, or changes color entirely. A combination of noir and gnarled.
1. I noirled and tossed that stick of gum already. Can I have another?
2. His chew toy is all noirled. It used to look like a mouse. Now. .. it's just grody.
by Noir October 12, 2014
Combination of "exposure" and "disposal." Exposal is something that takes place when a person is exposed and embarrassed to the point where they leave and never return.
It's exposal season on Worldstar. People are being exposed and disposed of.
by Noir March 01, 2015

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