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A small, dark person. Sometimes attributed to black children. See niglet.
When I went to Africa, I was accosted by noirlings who wanted to rob me of my coins.
by Noir July 09, 2006
Alternate spelling for Luxy. Or the way you pronounce Luxy when you're REALLY drunk or stoned.
Speaker 1: I forgot I had this bottle of scotch in the cupboard!
Speaker 2: Luxey! I'll light another spliff?
by Noir July 07, 2006
When you're having sex with a fat chick and she's on top, and she's bouncing on it so hard that she ends up breaking your cheap-ass bed.
I shouldn't have let Shawna docowgirl last night. We ended up on the floor, rickety split!
by Noir March 10, 2009
The act of being goofy and stupid at the end of your performance in the hopes of getting more people to vote for you by calling your number at the end of a Reality TV program like So You Think You Can Dance, or American Idol.
I wanted to vote for Ethan, but he kept making these stupid O-faces during his number whoring routine. What a dork!
by Noir June 25, 2007
A powerful, wild, drunken punch that connects and often knocks out the opponent. A combination of "crunk" and "chingaso".
Man, that fight was square, except for that last crunkaso. Se puso bien chevere despues. <It was awesome after that.>
by Noir April 29, 2008
1. A woman of considerable authority and financial security who usually has a disdain for men and views them as objects to be used and discarded in furtherance of her own acquisitions.
The power money bitch is concerned only with wealth or influence. She is submissive or subservient to no one. In movies, she is usually beautiful and/or considerably enhanced. She is like Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. In real life, she smokes and has yellow teeth.

2. A hot ho. One who demands a lot of money for her services.

3. A pro athlete's trophy wife.
1. All women who seek position in government tend to be money power bitches, along with Ann Coulter, of course.

2. Jillian was hot as butter in summertime. She charged $50 for a handjob and clients gladly paid for her services. That's because she was a money power bitch.

3. Madonna was all tryin' to be A. Rod's money power bitch.
by Noir August 05, 2009
An old Hollywood washout who dates young, pretty starlets. Like Harrison Ford with Calista Flockhart, or Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones. Or Jack Nicholson and half of LA.
Who's the Lohan Solo with the hot milf on his arm?
by Noir December 06, 2007

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