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A style of music where hip-hop intersects with electronica. Use of hip hop conventions are frequent: scratches, dub, flowing raps. For prime examples of the genre, see Green Lantern, Dangermouse, or Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla. Several examples of this style can be found on the Blade II Sountrack, which featured several hip hop artists doing electronic remixes.
Cypress Hill and Roni Size did a Hiptronic joint called Child of the West on the Blade II Soundtrack. It was madd.
by Noir November 06, 2006
Alternative spelling for pescatarian: A vegetarian who also eats fish or other seafood. From the latin word for fish: piscis. Also known as a fishetarian.
I can't go vegetarian, because I like shrimp too much. I can go Piscatarian, though!
by Noir July 11, 2006
Uptight, reserved, unable to let loose. The epitome of anal-retentive. Like a bag with a drawstring pulled tight.
Christy's sphincterized book bag contained three copies of poetry by T.S. Eliot.
by Noir August 19, 2005
A proponent of hipsterism. The hipsterist is on a constant quest to find the most peculiar, cool, ugly, or avante-garde items on the face of the earth. To do so, they are willing to spend any amount of money, for they define themselves by what they consume, not by who they are.
Darren the hipsterist owns every LP ever released by Interpol. And they're all signed copies. Imports. Even the remixes.
by Noir August 19, 2005
To be tricked by a somewhat attractive tranny person into believing what you see is what you get. See Ann Coulter.
That hot chick on the dance floor totally Coultered me! Adam's Apple!!!
by Noir November 16, 2006
Luxy is a combination of two words into a new meaning as spoken when either drunk or stoned. The words "Lucky" and "Luxurious". It has nothing to do with race, since Puffy could be just as Luxy as Paris Hilton (if not moreso, considering Puffy's luck, as opposed to Paris' merely being born into money). The term is currently most popular in gay circles and is usually used in rumor bitch sessions, which means it'll be mainstream within 6 months after being portrayed in any random, straight chic flick.
Speaker 1: Check out that girl driving that new Lotus.
Speaker 2: That luxy beeyotch was wearing a mink!
Speaker 1: ew, hold the fir, sir!
by Noir July 07, 2006
A diva in training. A young, snobby starlet wannabe.
The girls on Making the Band are a bunch of divalettes. I love watching P. Diddy manipulate them until they cry.
by Noir July 20, 2006

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