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Someone who walks aimlessly through a grocery store or other public place while talking intently on the phone. Phone zombies are usually clueless about where they're going, who they're blocking, or how stupid they look. Their conversations are usually loud and unimportant, but they don't care.
This phone zombie bitch was jibber-jabbering right in the middle of the frozen food aisle and keeping me from the Jamocha Almond Fudge. So I ran my cart right into her ass. I'm sure I left a bruise, but I don't think she felt it.
by Noir January 10, 2007
Used by residents on the US side of the border. Popular term for Juarez, Mexico, the city directly across the border from El Paso, Texas.
High schooler: I'm goin to J town for Halloween cuz I can get my drink on there!
by Noir July 21, 2005
The ancient art of grabbing onto the back bumper of a passing vehicle on a snowy or icy street and sliding along for a ride. To pull it off succesfully, you must go undetected by the police or the car's driver. An expert hooky bobber could theoretically travel from one side of town to the other by latching onto different passing vehicles. The farther you went, the wickeder you were. Advanced hooky bobbers might go so far as to wear ice skates or ride sleds or even swatches of cardboard. On warmer days, a bobber could use roller skates, skateboards, or ride along on a bike. There were dangers to be avoided: moguls, or ruts in the ice caused by compaction from large vehicles, could cause you to lose your balance, or worse, injure your back from too much road bobbing.
Micheal J. Fox was totally hooky bobbing on a hovering skateboard in Back to the Future.
by Noir August 22, 2006
A Television, but can also be used to define anything that spoonfeeds media to the masses.
Fox News on the propaganda sifter just mentioned that Bush is one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had.
by Noir July 15, 2006
a hot chick that's worthy to be fapped to.
Man, Jessica Alba is faprous. I would love the chance to lick her sneetchy!
by Noir October 04, 2006
One who engages in illicit drug use only on the weekends, usually because they have day jobs during the week.
Saturday night and the venue is filled with chill pilgrims who just scored E from that shipment that came down the 5 from Vancouver.
by Noir June 28, 2005
Wealthy, elite, and painfully ignorant college students of America. Typically members of a Fraternity or Sorority, often at one of the Ivy League schools. They are usually unaware of their own privelege, nor do they have empathy for the misfortune of others. In fact, they refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for causing anyone's problems in the world. They are usually Republicans, but there are plenty of Democrats who qualify for the title as well. See also: vapid, preppie, snobs, evangelicals.
The Ignorati were having a party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, where they gathered to watch the latest Dane Cook video on their 60" plasma TV(s).

I got into an argument with this Ignorati. He was claiming Blondie invented Rap music.
by Noir February 13, 2007

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