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From the Brotherhood 2.0 which officially means Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

However, the Green brothers have charged their nerdfighters to come up with more, equally awesome, meanings for DFTBA. Some examples are
1) Dinosaurs Failed To Beat Astroid
2) Dear, Fetch The Battle Axe
3) Delano Fears To BE Afraid
4) Do Fish Take Baths Alot?
5) Dark Forests Take Bravery Away.

and many, many more. So many that Hank actually wrote a song with only DFTBA acronyms as lyrics, fittingly called "DFTBA."
"See ya tomorrow, and remember, DFTBA!"
by Noim May 05, 2009
1) Made of awesome
2) Followers of John and Hank green on Brotherhood 2.0 and the vlogbrothers
3) The inhabitants of Nerdfighteria
"You're a Nerdfighter, too!? DFTBA!"

"Nerdfighter, i romantically like you"--John Green
by Noim May 05, 2009
With all that goes with Nerdfighteria, by all accounts, this is the only acceptable definition:

Made of awesome

"where normal people are made of tissues and bones and organs and stuff, nerdfighters are made of awesome"--John Green on Brotherhood 2.0
by Noim May 05, 2009

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