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Erinizzle, otherwise known as Erin or beautiful soul, is one of the absolute most amazing girls in the world. Even her flaws are more beautiful than any other girl's perfections. She has the body of a goddess, the brain of a genius, the face of an angel, and the heart of a blue whale because, as we all know, the blue whale has the biggest heart on this earth. Erin is independent, and doesn't need a boy to be happy - especially since no guy could ever deserve her. She has super powers no other human could possibly fathom; She is more powerful than Chuck Norris. One of her many talents is the ability to make anyone laugh or smile. Erin can be described as almost any positive adjective. Not only is Erin beautiful, she is caring and giving to people who are less fortunate than her. If you're lucky enough to find an Erinizzle, you better never let go.

Erin also has a best friend named Noey who you will have to deal with if you ever make Erinizzle upset. Do NOT make Erinizzle upset.
Hey, you know Erinizzle right?
by Noey Telemnar March 29, 2010
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