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30 definitions by Noelle

To fall weightlessly and freely from the sky, as in while skydiving.
The freefall while skydiving is about 35 seconds long. I really enjoyed the freefall.
by Noelle April 03, 2005
21 7
A series of questions you answer and post in a blog, or website.
I just finished a long survey about me .
by Noelle April 03, 2005
24 10
Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
81 68
A tender european who smells of onions.
What's that smell?

I think its malonions.
by Noelle March 31, 2005
10 1
TO deliver a eulogy, for a person who has passed on.
At the funeral, it's my job to eulogize the person
by Noelle April 03, 2005
10 3
extremely annoying asshole from mtv's real world.
Puck pissed off everyone in the house.
by Noelle March 14, 2003
49 44
killer. cool.

Also spelled: Kizzah
damn, that party was a kizza!
by Noelle March 14, 2003
19 14