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Coins given as a tip- Annoying or inconvenient change.
That party of cubicle dwellers from the phone company tipped me a buck 75 in shrapnel!
by Noel S December 03, 2003
When corporate hacks raise heads above the cubicle walls and look around to see office goings on.
That data entry guys cussing out of his wife on the phone caused a sudden rash of prarie dogging.
by Noel S December 03, 2003
A new approach to customer service with the thinking that huge doses of politeness and friendliness will make up for a total lack of actual practical assistance. See also cellular service provider customer service syndrome.
I called my bank about a problem and recieved a bunch of AOL customer service syndrome.
by Noel S December 03, 2003
The cable tv channel marketed to women showing one insipid movie after another about a woman who finds herself in a compromising or dangerous situation that she barely escapes, and could have avoided altogether had she just used her head.
Hey, lets watch some washed up sitcom actresses on the Women in Crisis Channel!
by Noel S December 03, 2003
Asocial partygoers who chaindrink around the keg and vanish the instant the keg is spent.
Cindi came back to us feeling a little foolish after failing to engage those keghuggers in conversation.
by Noel S December 03, 2003
N.The effect of ones scrotum sticking to ones leg for any reason.
Knowing that my goods might nadhere to my thigh,I wisely chose to wear briefs instead of boxers.
by Noel S December 03, 2003
Frustrating and unusual wear on items caused by poor vision and or reflexes of the elderly, ironically found on things usually very well maintained and otherwise gingerly used.
"See that '92 acura? it's got only 34 thousand miles on it and complete service records, too bad about the Elder Wear at all four corners from sad attempts to park it".
by Noel S November 26, 2005

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