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2 definitions by Nocturna of the Fey

The act or condition of vanishing abruptly, mysteriously, or completely. Named for Lt. Kara Thrace's enigmatic disappearance in the series finale of the re-imaged sci-fi television program Battlestar Galactica.
The topical ointment the gynecologist prescribed worked wonders; when he woke up this morning, the hideous rash was gone without a thrace.
by Nocturna of the Fey March 21, 2009
1) State of being so hung up on your former boyfriend/girlfriend that you cannot imagine dating someone else.
2) The opposite of 'rebound.'
1) Jen just broke up with her boyfriend; she's way too crush-bound to try speed-dating right now!
by Nocturna of the Fey February 03, 2011