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1 definition by NobodySpecialHere

The Anual Underage Party in Melbourne Australia to celebrate Purim, the Jewish festival. despite the party origionally having been created to celebrate purim, it has now morphed into something completely different which conveniently falls on the day before. Students from all major jewish schools grade 9 and up attend and the DJs usually play electronic music ranging from electro, techno, drum n bass to psychadelic trance. every year there are those who do not attend and look down upon those that do for their substance abuse, claiming to be superior and somehow more moral and equally, every year there are always those which drink way too much and pass out, only to be ferried to Hatzolah the Jewish Ambulance service in Melbourne. The party is Usually just a huge Excuse for the jewish Youths in Melbourne to hook up with one another so that they can talk and gossip about it the next day of school while simultaneously enjoying a hangover.
Josh: "Holy shit dude, Puzza is this weekend!"

Ben: "Yeah I know, what are you drinking?"

Josh: "Vodka all the way buddyyyy"
by NobodySpecialHere February 27, 2012
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