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A particularly lame and moronic adult that spends most of the day patronizing unhappy children/teenagers while under the delusion that they are making the world a better place. Except in very rare cases, they usually end up screwing kids more than helping them. Tend to smile too much. Approach with caution.
Mrs McKay, the middle school guidance counselor, smiled at the distraught young boy and, instead of giving him any useful advice, told him to just ignore the kids that threw trash at him on a daily basis. Then she gave him an animal cracker and asked how many guns he had at home.
by Nobody Everyman February 26, 2005
a distinct and powerful phenomenon that emerges from the bowels of a person's being when he/she is overcome by annoyence, frustration, or just sheep pissed-offedness. It is characterized by a rise in temperature, a surge in adreniline, and the incomprehensible desire to destroy anything and everything within a two mile radius, preferibly in a terrifying and disturbing manner. (Not to be confused with PMS)
As Jimmy was bombarded with a frechfry for the fourth and final time, he lost herself to the fury. Before the police arrived, he had disemboweled unfortunate Kevin and 43 other freshmen using a spork he had snaged at lunch.
by Nobody Everyman April 02, 2005
When food has been left in the Refridgerator uneaten and unsupervised for too long, a fridge-monster results. This mutant abomination emits toxic spores and is capable of engulfing other foods, pets, or small children. The only way to destroy a fridge-monster is with fire.
Johnny: Hey Ralph, go get me some onion dip for my chips!
Ralph: Sure thing. (opens fridge) Aargh! Fridge-monster!
Fridge-monster: Blarg!!
Johnny: Crap! Get the flamethrower!
by Nobody Everyman May 28, 2005

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