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A minute amount. A small crumb. Almost nothing.
"Hey Nobhead, is there any beer left in the fridge"?
"Nah - not a skerrick"
by nobhead January 15, 2008
Stuffin around like an old chook. Pecking a lot, but not laying eggs. Procrastinating. Indecisive.
Would you blokes stop henhousing and make up your bloody minds.
by Nobhead November 20, 2007
A spoonerism for "Dads Bag".
"Hey Nobhead, how do you know how to do that?"
"Bagdad !!!"
"What do you mean - Bagdad?"

"I was doin' this in Bagdad when you were in Dads bag"
by nobhead January 17, 2008
To get a stick or similar implement and poke it into a hole to get something out. To fertle
My engagement ring fell through a hole in the floorboards, so I had to broddle it out with a dinner fork.
by Nobhead January 21, 2008
Complete Waste Of Fucking Time.
A pointless excercise.
Watching grass grow or paint dry is such a cwoft.
by nobhead January 15, 2008

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