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A artistic performer with an act that is strongly linked to some particular gimmick that makes it stand out from the crowd, even though it has little intrinsic value, and is therefore likely to wear out its audience quickly.

The term sometimes refers to a performance itself, rather than the performer behind it.
- Lady Gaga's persona is all about outrageousness, extravagance and shock value, but as far as actual performance quality goes, it's safe to say that she is the biggest novelty act to come up in many years.

- The Blue Man group, initially conceived as a novelty act in the late 1980s, has demonstrated tremendous longevity, becoming a permanent fixture of the stage scene in cities like Boston, New York and Las Vegas.
#gimmick #showbiz #artistic #quality #one-hit-wonder
by Noam Chomskie August 18, 2010
An abbreviation for "day of the month", in reference to the time of the month when a woman has her period, often resulting in increased emotiveness (and often noticeable bitchiness) towards those around her.

See also TOTM and PMS.
John: Hi Mary!

John: But Mary, I just said hello.
Mary: Sorry. DOTM.
#period #bitch #nasty #pms #female
by Noam Chomskie December 09, 2010
It´s a gay male so intently obnoxious and generally stupid in regards to matters homosexual, that he manages to simultaneously capture the essence of douchebaggery and faggotry with uncanny, if likely unintended, precision.
Perez Hilton's endless loud yapping about gays and how they are such pitiable victims and that they should be loved by every last single human being in the planet because, hey, he thinks so, makes him a strong candidate for the title of "America´s Number One Douchefag".
#perez hilton #douche #fag #obnoxious #prick
by Noam Chomskie November 11, 2010
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