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Big Boobs on a women, good loking or not.
Yo she got some big Jabas.
by Noah Nwachukwu June 23, 2006
This phrase is used when some one is really bothered by another person and wants him/her to leave him alone.
Greg-Yo wanna go play again today.

Steve-Yo y u always around me get off my meat.

Greg-Yo ma bad
by Noah Nwachukwu June 23, 2006
To stop someone from talking or persuing another person.
Larry-Yo im bout to go talk to that girl over there.

Sam-Naw man I dont think she likes you.

Larry walks over to the girl and tries to talk to her but Sam keeps interrupting the two's conversation.

Larry-Stop Cop Blocking Dawg

Sam-Ma Bad
by Noah Nwachukwu June 23, 2006

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