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3 definitions by Noah B. Marion

1.When a young lady wears a bra, which is too small for her ample bosom, and said bosom pops over the brassiere (even the nipple on occasion).

2. A slang term for a Maryland township.
1. Damn, look at that hussy, she's got a tittypopover! Bless her heart, she's due for a new brassiere.

2. I was in Tittypopover last weekend, they have the best cheese fries ever!
by Noah B. Marion July 12, 2005
12 1
To get drunk off a cheap malt liquor, like Schlitz.
Damn that girl just fell off her bar stool, she's hella schlitzfaced.
by Noah B. Marion June 28, 2005
2 3
A slang term for a big fucking badass. One who always represents his krewe. A man for all men to follow. A true playa.
1. You know you're my Duger.
2. What up Duger?
3. Duger, what's crackin'?
4. If only I could be like you, Duger.
by Noah B. Marion June 28, 2005
9 11