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A drug like state of confusion, shock or paranoia.

Can also be used to meen surreal.
"When he started shouting at me, I started to feel shot through."

"Don't do that, you'ill shoot me through!"

"Yeah, what a shot though situation..."
by Noah August 19, 2003
Derived from the shocker except w/o the pinky; resembles a gun, two fingers are inserted into the cooter and the thumb is used to "fire" in turn touching the clit.
She loved the double barrel cooter shooter last night!
by Noah August 11, 2004
One who presents the first action in trying to stimulate an encounter of somewhat physical nature. FOr instance, the man or woman who presents the hand for the reciprocating slap or likewise, the arms to invite an embrace.
She initiated the hug by opening her arms and smiling at me to come forth.
by Noah March 19, 2003
Kickin it' or waiting to do something.
Yo, I will be maranatin until you call me back.
by Noah February 27, 2005
A condition of being or becoming flaccid during a crucial sexual juncture. Otherwise known as not being able to get it up.
Brian was hoping to get it on with Alexandra that evening, but in bed later that night he instead had to deal with a disappointing case of shock cock.
by Noah March 24, 2004
a pigeon sown to a rat to make an unholy pigeon rat combination
halloween special number 6 on the simpsons
by Noah May 18, 2003
The act of shuving your fingers up someones ass in a brutal screaming rage.
I Dunchied branton and his ass started bleading.
by Noah April 07, 2004

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