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When you are having sexual intercourse with a woman and she diarrheas on your dick, although usually not on purpose. If you wish to do this on purpose vist a bitch with the flu.
"I went to have a wonderful stink horn with sally, but she had the flu..." said Tony "So you instead had a stink soup?" said Jackson.
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr January 16, 2010
When you take a dump on your sexual partners chest, she curls in a ball and you ejaculate all over her.
She loved the stink armadillo a little to much...
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr December 18, 2009
When you having sexual intercourse in the anal area and she releases her bowels(Takes a shit all over) your dick and you let it dry. There are many words branching off this.
"Man dude I loved that stink horn last" said Bob " Dude that's gross...but cool." said his friend Tim
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr December 18, 2009
When you release your bowels (shit) in a womans mouth, then she proceeds to spit it onto your penis, then suck your shitty dick.
"Dude I love stink llamas!" said Blake "Dude woman are gross" said P-wells
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr January 16, 2010
When you place a funnel in a womans vagina, then shit, throw up, piss, and ejaculate into the funnel. You then proceed to remove the funnel, take a bendy straw and enjoy.
Stink Smoothies are only meant for those hardcore guys and gals willing to commint such awesomely awful deeds.
For the taste isnt always pleasent.
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr January 16, 2010
Where a stink horn is executed (Look up stink horn for more info on that) and the female spreads banana on the mans testicals, then proceeds to lick it off.
"Dude Sally gives the best stink monkeys!" said Jackson
"Man I'm gettin in on that!" said Joey

I forced her to give me several stink monkeys....my mom wants to know what happened to the bananas.
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr January 16, 2010
A fight in, or around a dumpster. Also known as a dumpster fight, or hobo boxing
Dave: Did you hear Sam and Connor got in a dumpster brawl?
Tim: Yeah they came over to my house bloody and covered in garbage
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr April 26, 2016
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