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A predominantly white suburb of Cleveland, Ohio that no one has ever heard of unless you say it's in between Strongsville (the mall) and Brecksville (the rich city that actually has a good football team). North Royalton High School is mainly known for their successful, award-winning band. Students are well-educated, but extremely spoiled with a larger-than-life sense of entitlement. Royalton girls are generally extremely gorgeous, and the guys are preppy and attempt to be athletic. This presumptuous community has friendly, down-to-earth people, but the majority of the population is secretly racist and likes to keep their little bubble in Northeast Ohio as white as possible.
Person 1: "How do you think the North Royalton football team will do this season?"
Person 2: "They will be terrible, as usual."
Person 1: "Why do they always have such a bad record?"
Person 2: "Because they keep all the blacks out of their school."
by NoRo LaDee April 19, 2010

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