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The graphical symbol or emoticon for indicating the nohomology disclaimer pause, when typing on the internets.

To type this, use the
left-bracket key
2 keystrokes of the Shift + \ key
right-bracket key

The advantages of using this symbol are
1 less keystrokes (4) then typing out *pause* (7)

2 this symbol graphically looks like the pause button of typical consumer electronics, such as an MP3 player.
Spike Lee referring to a specific individual basketball player ".. I like Dick"
sportscaster Gus Johnson ||]
by NoMamesBuey August 16, 2007
Slogan of Barack Obama voters use to affirm a statment Obama made during a speech. The slogan was created by an Obama stan during Obama's May 6, 2008 celebration speech, after having won the North Carolina primary. The 21st Century version of "Give em hell Harry", the major slogan of Harry Truman stans.
Obama: "...I want to thank the people of North Carolina for giving us a victory in a big state, a swing state, and a state where we will compete to win if I am the Democratic nominee for president of the United States"
Obama stan: "You tell em B!"
by NoMamesBuey May 06, 2008
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