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1. A person who has job so notorious to have faux experience and education they immediately qualify as a hack such as an aroma therapist, massage therapist, wedding planner, quantum physicist, self-prophicized shaman, sociologist adviser, color profiler or even those suspiciously expensive caterers.

2. Someone who couldn't get a job in the real world and overcharges for their self-employed services.
"No, you don't need magic lava rocks or green tea oil from some hack - go see a real doctor."

"Why don't you just ask your group what they want instead of hiring some hack to do 'psychographic research'?"

"I am not going to wear a lemon-chartreuse dress just because some hack said it was good for my aura."

"If the yoga instructor feels you up again, you should just admit he's a hack looking for an excuse to get closer to you."

"So, the fortune teller said she could give you more information about your future, and all she needed were the numerological vibes from your social security card – that's not insight – that's called a hack."

"Featuring who? The girl's already got the cords to sing – she doesn't need some token hack rhyming in the background."

"You paid $200 a session for some vibrating hack to play the flute over your 'sacred crystal?!' If I paid $200 for a musician, they better well have studied at Julilliard and bring the entire New York Philharmonic with them… and I'm not going to be smoking no crystal!"
by NoHSDrama February 21, 2010

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