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Bailey Hall is basically the best dorm you could possibly live in. Sure, it's in Saint Paul, and you're greeted with a peculiar smell each morning from the livestock on campus, but over here, we just say it's No Big Deal! Most of the students that live in Bailey are CFANS or CDES, but there are the strange kids that for some reason didn't put in their housing soon enough so they were put here. It's no big deal though, we all get along. Sort of. East Wing is way better than North Wing, it's just a fact of life. And everyone wishes they could be on the Ground Floor. Yeah, it's mostly farm kids, but you'll adjust to their abnormal ways.
Douchebag from CSOM-Man, I wish I could live in Bailey Hall.

Farm Kid of CFANS- Ain't no way, ain't no how. Bailey Hall is douchebag free.
by NoBigDealer December 03, 2009

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