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Facebooking while intoxicated.
Forgetting the fact that every friend can see your comments and that you can edit the comment that was just posted.
Dude 1: The company is going in the shitter. We need to sell our assets before the employees find out.
Dude 2: Ok, but all our facebook friends now know. That's what you get for FWI.

by No1Special October 04, 2008
A concatenation of Fathers Day + Birthday + Christmas. Used to give a more expensive gift that spans 3 occasions.
Dad, I didn't see you on Fathers Day, forgot your birthday, so I will give you your fabirmas present when I see you December 25th.
by No1Special October 06, 2008
competitive facebooking is the act of checking in or posting on facebook to one up your friends, relatives, or other that have it better than you.
We checked in at a really nice place, and shortly after he checked in at the old haunt. I think he is competitive facebooking.
by no1special February 25, 2014

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