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Small island located off the coast off the coast of Belize. They are known for loving drama and talking shit. They have many teens guys who think they are all gangster and "bad man" but in reality there just a bunch of kids who balls havn't even dropped yet. Society is built on chismes and drama as said. Also theres no such thing as not being cheated on.
San Pedro Conversations

Ex 1:
Girl: Omg, hey girls, I just got naked pictures of that girl that works at that place.
Other girl: Oh those are like so old.

Ex 2:
Wannabe Gangster: Yo man im so gangster and shit but i'm afraid to shoot you. Im bad man.

Ex 3:
Retarded girl: Why doesn't he treat me like he treats that other girl, i mean we've been going out for a month, and she doesnt even live here.

EX 4:
Girl: He treats me like shit.

Ex 5:
Girl: Have you heard that chisme, that shes sleeping with all these guys.
by No123No1 February 17, 2009

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