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A person who displays traits/styles of a hippie, but claims to be a "hip-hop" head. The reverse is also true.
See that dready white boy who stinks of patchouli and beedies, bumping Wu-Tang 'caus his hippie bros aren't looking, he's a straight hippie-hopper. Or "gansta" cats chilling and head bobbing at a Widespread Panic show. It happens, I've seen it. Really.
by No.One fake August 03, 2006
adverb- to describe in an insulting fashion the specifics fo someones junk.

explitive- to exclaim/drive your point home
1)Yah, my girl told me about that dudes junk; she said it was like three and a half inches of ROCK! Totally recockulous.

2)You saw THAT! It was fuckin' RECOCKULOUS!
by No.One fake August 06, 2006
ingest a large amount of beans and/or cheap beer. Let gas settle in colon, release on partners favorite pillow, jam pillow in said parteners face. voulia.

Man, the last time I gave my gal a Dutch carpet bomb, she kicked my ass out of bed so quick the womb was spinning.
by No.One fake August 08, 2006
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