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The act of or the effects of mentally scaring a person. The effects are often long term.
"I don't see why people abuse their kids physically; abusing them mentally is so much more permanent.
by no comment December 03, 2003
Language used by dragons. Most people think Draconic is the name of the language, but they are wrong!
No comment is needed.
by No comment February 20, 2005
the act of blocking, ignoring, or refusing to talk to you, and not giving any explanation or cause whatsoever.
The act of being a lousy friend
jenny york keeps on york'ing it.
Dude, u havnt spoken to me in 3 days, are you yorking it?
HAHA, she blocked me again on AIM, she must be york'ing it.
by no comment August 07, 2003
a lonely.....lonely, homosexual
poor reachard had no friends since he was either on the computer or sucking dick for computer parts.
by no comment February 26, 2003
The slave of pcgamer4life
krab serves pcgamer4life
by no comment May 17, 2003
Better than d2_hacker, see D2_hacker
, ownage, pwnage, pimp, 1337, leet, etc..
OMG! wow that godly item is soooo pcgamer4life
by no comment May 17, 2003
A bitter person. Gets irratated easily. Likes to scream at girls if they do not understand directions
by No comment April 02, 2003

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