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A Heather is someone who is cool but doesn't really know it until somebody tells her then gets a big head and thinks she's all that until she loses money in the bank or hears the word "eat" (even though she is thick she does have a complex) and becomes an 8 year old baby. Then she gets money and she sees that she's a cool person anyway then everything's cool until the next storm<---the next personal crisis in a lifetime. They're usually short, burnette, ebony eyes, and has big boobs. She's proud of what she is and nobody will stop her (unless the cable bill is too high, no food in the house, the dog is sick, and no money). Other than that she's all that and a bag of chips but sometimes is smart for her own good.
Person: "She's so precious."

Heather: "No I'm not." (sticks tounge out her mouth and gives a rasberry)

Person: "Even her tounge is cute. That's girl's a Heather."

Person 2: "She sho'll is. Awww."

Heather: (Stomps off in frustration.) "Shut up!" (Cries then runs in her saddness)
by No Money No Rent June 25, 2010

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